Good gravy, have our manners all but disappeared under the force of the almighty dollar?2017-11-08_1439

There is so much greed in this world and I can’t help but notice it more and more these days. Friends, I use the term loosely, will easily turn on you just to make another buck. Some companies are making more than ever, but they’re squirreling it away instead of using it to better their service to the consumer. Regular, everyday people don’t respond to anything or anyone unless it’s going to make them money. There’s no more true conversations about making the world better or bettering ourselves, they’re more about what someone can get from you. I’ll have coffee with you, but only if it doesn’t cost me anything and I’m going to make money from it in the long run. It’s really disappointing.

Let’s use a cell phone provider as an example. Remember the good old days when your loyalty meant that you’d get a ‘deal’ on a new phone every couple of years? Not anymore. The only time you get to win with them is when you leave one company to sign up with another one. Cell phone providers aren’t the exception, they’re the NORM. The longer the loyalty, the more we know we can gauge them for more because we’ve now grown into addiction.

It’s hard to believe the greed has gone this far. It’s always been there, but for everyone to suddenly start skirting their morals and values just to add to their piles of cash, takes this trend to another level.

Well, in the words of the incredibly hilarious Heather Land, “I ain’t doin it.” You can count me out. I’m going to stick to my values, with being a true friend and trying to make the world a better place. If that doesn’t make me rich, so be it.