It’s funny, several years ago an agent commented that she couldn’t believe I had children because I had everything together and my life never seemed to be crazy because of my kids. Well, I do have a family—a great one! A supportive husband, Josh, that’s also in the real estate business. An awesome son, Cody, that loves cooking, music and longboarding. And a daughter, Maggie, that amazes me more every day.

Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor

These days, you’ll find me talking non-stop about the kids, especially about Maggie, who just returned from a 3 week mission/project trip to India. Maggie is a junior at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO and is currently President of a group called Enactus. If you have kids you’ll appreciate my story about Maggie and Enactus. She called me one day from school and was very excited to have been invited to be a part of an entrepreneur group. It was a short conversation and several times I received the same words from her, ‘it’s an entrepreneur group’. Fast forward several months and I was fortunate enough to attend an Enactus competition in Kansas City. Not only did I get to see our group from Bolivar present their projects and accomplishments; I was able to see a few other schools perform and get more of an explanation.

Enactus is amazing. College students all over the world are working to not only improve the community around them, but most of them have projects overseas. They find a cause or a business to support and set forth a plan for it to be a self-sustaining project that will improve the lives of all involved. Take, for instance, their project in India to assist Dowry Castaways with creating a new life for themselves.

dowry castaway session

This is just one example of several projects that these leaders of tomorrow have undertaken. It truly warms my heart to know that thousands of young entrepreneurs are learning (and teaching) the importance of giving back and changing the world.

Maggie also had the pleasure of visiting several orphanages while in India. This is one of several sweet pics we will treasure forever. Just think, she celebrated her 20th birthday on a plane to Abu Dhabi. I think she has a very bright future ahead.

maggie with orphans


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