I’ve been on the receiving end of an overly noticeable amount of compliments this week. Several people have expressed their gratitude for my attention and overall work ethic and I’m left feeling amazed.

It’s always bit embarrassing to sit and receive compliments and it’s also incredibly difficult to keep from saying things like “I’m really not that great.” It’s so important to the compliment-giver for you to receive and be grateful. I always liken it to gift giving. I love, love, love giving gifts and having people be pleased. So, when someone compliments you, be pleased and visibly enjoy it.

Having a week like this is always a good reminder to me to hand out real compliments where they are due. Don’t just sit and bask in the glory. (Well, you CAN go ahead and enjoy it for a little bit.) Then, turn the tables and look for reasons to compliment others. Reach down, lift them up. It will give you more joy than the glory you just finished basking in.

Compliments are free, give generously.