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In meeting with my agents, many of them set goals with me for the coming year. We always discuss the goal, the why and the how. Then, it’s up to me and them to follow up to create accountability.

There’s something that has to be crystal clear before you enter into a situation like this with someone you’re coaching…Whose Goal Is It?

If it’s my goal for them, it just doesn’t hold as much weight. They have to set it themselves. Over the years, as I’ve held some accountable, there’s been grouchiness associated with my expectation of them. These are the times where they need to be reminded of their why and their how. If you’re a coach and you have their goals in their handwriting, it’s even more powerful.

Not everyone likes to be coached or even likes a particular, painful coaching method. Some enjoy many successful years without ever setting a goal. In real estate, leaders have to know when to push and when to let it go. However, if a leader has been asked to be an accountability partner and has agreed to it, the number one priority is to keep their word. Even when you’re struck with hurtful things like them thinking you don’t care about their personal success. Be consistent and be authentic. If you can’t enhance the goal, send them to another coach. You’re not going to do anyone any favors, or do any good for your culture if you promise to hold someone accountable and then slack off yourself.

No, it’s not YOUR goal, but it’s YOUR culture and YOUR future.