I’ve come to realize something cool lately.

I can afford to be a little generous here and there.

It’s interesting. I’ve always felt generous and had a real giving heart. But, in years past, I have never had anywhere near the means to actually be able to give freely. Every time I gave someone something I questioned why I was selling myself short. I shouldn’t give my expensive clothes to charity, I should sell them. I shouldn’t make a big donation when I’m struggling to buy groceries. You know the feeling. You want to give, but just can’t. What I’ve always ended up doing was giving my time instead of money. It worked great for years. Now that I’ve enjoyed some mediocre success, I’ve switched to simply being as generous as I’d like to be. Nothing crazy, but wow, it’s a great feeling to go  ahead and buy that dinner for everyone, pay for drinks, toss some money to the kids when they need it etc.

It’s become such a huge, enjoyable part of my life now I actually look for ways I can make a small impact. AND, when I’m putting in long hours of work or struggling with something, I not only have an excellent WHY, I have fun memories of times I’ve been able to put a smile on someone’s face.

For years, my agents, my family and my husband’s family have set examples of generosity in my life. I was shown how rewarding it can be. The more success everyone enjoyed, the more they gave away freely….and randomly. I got really good at receiving, for sure!!! I wasn’t so keen on it in the beginning because I struggled with my “pay it back” mindset. Now that the tables have turned every once in a while, I finally get it. I understand the reward is two-fold.

The giver gets just as much enjoyment out of giving as people get out of receiving.

How cool is that?

It’s definitely my hope that I can continue to enjoy a little success because it rewards me with the ability to share. If it’s short-lived, so be it. But my goodness, I sure am having fun.

GO. Give generously and randomly, I challenge YOU. Notice how awesome it feels? Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about.