I scratch your back and then you…wait…I should scratch yours again?

Okay, now. Time to…what, you want something else?

Grrr. green-monkeys-monkey-old-world-monkey-monkey-family-66865.jpeg

Listen up. I’m not under any obligation to give anyone, or promote anyone’s, business. If you’re amazing at what you do and you consistently deliver stellar service, you will be in my circle. Being in my circle means that I’m going to be your cheerleader. Whether you need a pick-me-up, someone to vouch for you or just an extra recommendation, I’ll be there. As a matter of fact, I will sing your praises whether you’ve asked me to or not. I recognize great service and I definitely know that it can make or break a business, so I’m always trying to give a shout-out to those that deserve it. I enjoy it so much, I’ll take the time to consider where to put my reviews so they’ll have the most impact and also take time to word it properly so everyone will know just how incredible the experience was.

Let’s deal with the ‘rest’ now. You know who you are. Because of some invisible obligation you’ve assumed, you expect to receive recommendations or my business basically for nothing. Lately, there’s even been several who have either been non-responsive to my questions, flat out rude, or just plain condescending. Guess what, see that first sentence in the paragraph above? I’m more than done.

Right now my mom would be saying, “Joanna, turn the other cheek.” Well, I’m all out of cheeks to turn.

Please remember, there’s lots of places I can choose to take my business and your bad behavior has removed you from my ‘circle’.

Hopefully, we’ll see everyone go back to a higher level of service soon. However, I’m afraid I’m currently seeing this disgusting trend get worse. Why? Why would anyone expect people to continue to do business with them after being a jerk? Entitled much? There’s a HIGH level of competition right now and many would be best served to take a look at that competition and learn to do better.

Let’s work together and build our businesses up