As you know, real estate is a service industry, but who serves the servers?

I’ve been helping new and experienced agents in this business for 18 years as of last weekend. Yes, minor milestone there, yay me. My yearly work anniversary always falls right near Bosses Day.

It’s hilarious when my agents come into the office and wish me a happy bosses day. We both have a giggle because I see myself as more of a partner to them than an actual ‘you must do things this way’ boss. Sure, they recognize the leadership and sacrifice that also comes with that term, but it’s rare for any of us to feel I exert my power over them. This is what I’ve really come to appreciate about what I actually do.

I serve.

What do new agents need most when they launch their solopreneur real estate career? Training? Of course. Money? That, too. Patience? Absolutely. What I’ve really found is all of this takes care of itself with a bit of confidence. As someone that lives and breathes this business, it’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of onboarding a new agent. Get their business cards. Teach them how to market themselves. Show them how to roll through showings, listing appointments, contracts and on, and on, and on. But, when that is done, where do you go? How does one continue to prepare real estate

agents for successful careers? I feel it’s such a delicate balance between education, expectation and heavy inspiration. You see, you have to COMMIT to serving the newbies. Experienced agents will experience the level of success they decide to each year. They already know the ropes and your role becomes more of a friend, confidante and adviser. But until the new agents realize success, they need you. I’m not going to lie. It’s work. It’s witnessing the ugly cry, throw everything, headaches, eye rolls, anger, frustration, desperation, depression—24/7 work. They need your full time dedication to them.

It’s work I’ve committed to year after year after beautiful year.

The real estate market has been super hot for a couple of years now and I’ve heard from countless agents about how they want to run their own brokerage and take a position like mine. It all seems so glamorous, right? Glad you see me that way! What they don’t take into account is the level of commitment a broker makes to their agents. MUST make to their agents. If you want to enjoy a steady career as a managing broker or a broker owner, there has to be an overarching commitment to SERVICE.

If you’re new or new-ish and you’ve found yourself grasping to take hold of this career, please get a hold of me. There’s no need for your dreams to wash away because nobody had the dedication to help you achieve them.