This morning I was reminded of something that I found strange the other day.

Two of my agents were actually having quite a bit of stress about getting the homes under contract that their buyers wanted. Why?? Multiple offers.

What?!? Multiple offers in December? Sure enough. Usually we don’t see very many of these anytime except spring. But, right now, with 3 different agents running into this situation in the last week on 3 different homes…I’d say it’s a strange December Phenomenon.

So, check around, if this is happening in your market I’d like to know. But, I’d also like to remind you if you’re looking at homes right now, you might want to have your agent practice that ‘spring market’ tactic of calling the listing agent and checking to see if there’s anything else going on with it. It’s obviously not time to relax and take your time getting your offer in.

Happy December Buying!