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Sometimes real estate agents have to question if the client is really motivated.

You tell me, if you’re motivated to sell your home, how many times are you going to allow it to be shown??

Allow 1, cancel 5?

No, no, no!!

Making your home accessible is one of the most important factors in helping your agent sell your home. (And…even better if it can be accessible on short notice.) It can even be more important than being perfectly clean!!

Look at it like this. Most buyers only go out 2 or 3 times with their agent to look at homes. Often, because of the internet, they can find the house in the first day. If you don’t allow your home to be shown THAT DAY, you can probably kiss that buyer goodbye.

And why would it be so important to be able to walk out the door at a moment’s notice?? Well, there’s times when we’re out showing buyers and it’s possible they either missed your property in their search or didn’t like the picture on the web and then suddenly, they’re driving by. “Hey, what about that one? Can we see it too?” Grab your stuff and get out the door—-the curb appeal that you’ve worked so hard on caught the fish. Do everything you can to help their agent reel them in!! A cute little “Left in a hurry, please pardon our mess” note on the door is perfectly acceptable in this situation.

Are you motivated??