Yipppeee! You’ve made it to closing day.

You will be doing a final walkthrough. It could be the day before or the day of closing. This is to check to make sure that all repairs you requested have been properly completed and to be sure that all of the sellers personal items have been removed from the property. Sometimes there’s a couple of days allowedafter closing for the sellers to move out; it just depends on what’s been written in your contract. At this time, make sure your real estate agent has arranged how the keys will be delivered to you.

The title company, lender, or your real estate agent has given you the amount that you need to bring to closing. This needs to be in the form of a cashiers check, or it can be via wire transfer. Usually, in our area, it’s a cashiers check. Also be sure that you take your ID with you to closing. The title company will usually take a copy of it.

Often, your lender and real estate agent will accompany you to closing. Keep in mind, that you can close without either one of them there, but it’s handy if they do go so they can answer any questions that arise. The title company will take you through a grueling paperwork process…probably the most paperwork you’ve ever signed at one sitting.

When you’re finished, you’ll receive a packet with all of your paperwork to store in a safe place and it’s time to enjoy your new home. Stay calm, sometimes there’s snags at the end with funding or recording; the professionals you have hired will take care of these things and will do their best to get you in your new home ASAP after closing.

Once you’ve moved in, take the time to review your real estate agent and let them or their broker know how you felt you were treated. Good or bad, all feedback is appreciated.

Enjoy your new place!!