I know I was going to write about your home being on the market next, but an agent reminded me of this common misconception today and I had to share.

You interview 3 agents:

Agent 1 says your home is worth $219,000

Agent 2 says your home is worth $220,000

Agent 3 says your home is worth $250,000

Please DO NOT choose the real estate agent that tells you the highest price. Look at the facts…if two out of three agents think your home will sell around $220,000…that’s probably the best idea of market price. They’ve done their homework and they’ve probably showed you their homework…the other one probably did a quick glance at a couple of active properties before running out the door to meet you. It’s perfectly fine to like and choose Agent 3, but please, don’t price your home at the higher price. You have two great price opinions from other agents in your market area—-use the realistic number and get that house SOLD!!