Today something was mentioned to me I had totally forgotten about, The Secret. I remember years ago everyone was embracing the book, the tips and the video like it was a lifeline.

Was it just our frame of mind that led us to believe The Secret held magical powers to better our lives? Or have we just learned to apply the principles and forgotten the source?

I wasn’t one of the people hopped up on the belief that this way of thinking could completely change my life. However, I’ve also always been more of the optimist than the pessimist. I can see how it has changed lives for anyone that has a tendency towards the negative, but it hasn’t been on my recommended reading list for years. However, real estate can really be a difficult business for those that lean more towards the pessimistic side. Is there a new ‘magical’ book that has replaced The Secret?

Personally, I just teach my agents to think more on the positive side. Around here I like to call it ‘purposely changing your mind’. Of course, today, I am remembering and expressing gratitude for the book that made me pay attention to my attitude. The Secret didn’t change my life, but it sure gave me more ammo against Negative Ned & Nelly. The principles are definitely still relevant.