There’s a ton of pricing theories in our real estate world. I would encourage you to have the discussion below before your home is listed on the internet or before your next price reduction. The simple truth is, getting your home sold quicker could be as simple as a couple of rounded numbers.

This is a portion of my blog post featured on Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Clean Slate blog. 

Today, a buyer could search from $200,000-$230,000 or from $230,000 to $250,000 (especially if it’s a pre-populated drop-down list).

Notice any similarities in the above example? $230,000 appears twice.

Online marketing isn’t new and it isn’t all about photos. As a listing agent, it’s important to regularly reinforce our value by doing everything we can to properly price a home for both offline and online marketing to ensure we get the most buyers’ eyes on the listing.

In some instances, this could mean moving the price to a rounder number in order to double the views.