When the weather map looks more like this,


than it does all pretty and sunshine-y, you might consider how to keep yourself productive. Let’s face it, Midwest weather isn’t always fun, but turn that down time into something you can look forward to!

Here’s 13 things you can do to keep your real estate business moving forward on a snow day:

1. Take the time to update your database. Make some cocoa and call your friends to double check email addresses and mailing addresses.

2. Learn Evernote. Forewards, backwards and sideways. There’s nothing like this program to keep a busy real estate agent organized.

3. Work on your customer follow up program. Do you need to schedule gifts, set up a mailing campaign? Research it now and put it together so it’s effortless in your busy months.

4. Watch all the training videos you can find. There’s a ton on YouTube, including the famous Watercooler with Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin. You can find presentation videos from Tom Ferry and all sorts of great stuff. (Our Better Homes & Gardens agents can log into the Greenhouse and find even more!) Turn off  Netflix…NOW.

5. Revamp your listing and buyer presentations for 2014. Include your 2013 successes and testimonials!

6. For those in Missouri, this will be a license renewal year—you COULD go ahead and get that out of the way right now….on your couch.

7. All our local association contract forms will be changing for 2014. Review the changes and get comfortable with the new pages and language now, before you write your next contract.

8. Set up your next neighborhood campaign. Take the time to research the market and see which neighborhood fits your criteria. Go ahead and schedule some dates to put mailings (contact) together and put it on your calendar.

9. Plan how you’re going to keep in touch with your Super COI this year. Lunches? Dinner party? Plan it, organize it, get it on the books!

10. I assume you’ve set your 2014 goals. No? Get it done now. What are they, how will you get there, do you need help?

11. Learn ALL about digital signatures. No matter what program you use, why not take this down time to get comfortable with it? Send yourself a couple of contracts in DotLoop, or invite a friend to figure it out with you and send things back and forth.

12. Check through your cell phone and get rid of apps you’re not using (to add space for those you’re going to learn about in #4) Make sure every contact in there is up to date and figure out shortcuts to make yourself more savvy on the go. YouTube can help with this as well.

13. Go out to the garage and clean your signs. No really. This is a great stay-at-home task. Get them ready for better weather!

Wishing you all a safe and productive holiday season!