Wow…I Hold On

This song resonated me on several levels this morning. I was on my way in, composing this blog post in my head while driving and it came across the speakers. What a passionate statement. I Hold On.

I was thinking about the practices of successful real estate agents and how activity breeds activity. For years, I’ve seen agents become more successful as they increase their activities. Now, I’m not just talking about the obvious door knocking, marketing, and cold calling activities. Personal activities count as well. As I watch them go on more vacations, join clubs, exercise, and continue their education, real estate business increases.

Activity breeds activity.

This career path can be as challenging as it is rewarding. But, as the years have passed and we’ve survived one of the worst real estate markets in history, I’ve seen them Hold On. They’ve held on to what they believe in, what they love, their freedom, their careers. When the successful didn’t have business, they increased their activities and Held On.

No matter the career path you’re on, if you’re looking to move forward and be successful, take my advice and increase your activity. You’ll get there. All you have to do is Hold On.