After studying the market activity for September in Clay County and Platte County, I can’t say that I’m surprised, this has been an impressive year for home sales overall. Sales are still up over last year, even this late in the year. A couple of factors I thought were affecting the numbers don’t seem to be as important as I thought. All of our Kansas City sports teams are playing their hearts out on the field and people are going to the games in masses. This leaves us to wonder if anyone is buying homes. Well, apparently they are!up arrow

First up, Clay County. For September 2013 we saw unit closed sales at 327 which have increased in 2014 to 355. Prices are up a little as well. The average sales price for September 2013 was $165,682 increasing to $176,723 for 2014. Inventory-wise we’re remaining fairly balanced with 5.45 months of homes available. Contracts are being negotiated to an average of 97.8% of full asking price.* Not bad at all!

Platte County’s unit sales are even with last year at 120 for September with an overall increase of 3% in sales year to date. Average sales prices keep rising and are up to $205,636, an increase of 6.9% over last year. Platte County’s inventory has tipped slightly towards a buyer’s market with 6.21 months of inventory available.*

Right now, interest rates are still surprisingly low, even though we’ve been hearing they’re expected to rise any day. Buyers are still getting great deals! As we always talk about, every single home and subdivision can be different. Be sure to check the stats specific to you before making a decision to list or buy.

*Data gathered from Heartland MLS