If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, you’re likely to interview more than one agent. Some will show up, look at your house, discuss pricing and put the sign in the yard. Others will take the time to talk to you about staging, photography scheduling, pricing and how to make sure your house wins against the competition. If it’s been a while since you’ve sold a home, you might think the 2 agents are comparable to one another. However, you really need to look deeper.

You see, there’s something that second agent knows (and the first one might, too). Every single residential resale home that is put on the market to be sold needs to win a beauty contest in order to secure the highest price in the least amount of time. It’s definitely not rocket science, but it is a solid fact. Professional agents that list several Startup Stock Photosproperties a year take the time to talk about the details of preparing your home for the market. Some hire or encourage you to hire a professional stager. Some hire a professional photographer. Some even hire a videographer and actors. What?!?

The listing game has been upped.

There have been many sellers that have balked at the idea of doing a ton of work before they put their home on the market. They feel like their home is ready to go and they’re ‘not trying to get a million dollars for it’. That’s all well and good in a super crazy hot market or if you’re just not quite ready to move. However, if you want to get on with it and get moving, hire someone that knows how to guide you through listing prep. In the end, you’ll have more $$ in your pocket, spend less time cleaning your old house for showings and more time MOVING IN to your new one!