Gosh, “lady at the CVS Pharmacy register”, thanks for asking!

So you’ve been on a number of foreclosure sites and you’re confused about whether or not you really need a subscription to that site.

First of all, those foreclosure sites are usually out of date. What that means is that many of the homes you’ll find on there have already been sold either on the courthouse steps or through a REALTOR.

You may have heard of HUD properties. These are properties listed for sale by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These properties are listed for sale in the local Multiple Listing Service as well as www.hudhomestore.com. You will need a real estate agent if you’d like to place a bid on a home. Think of it as EBay for homes. If you plan to be an owner-occupant, your bid will be considered first. If, within the first 10 days (usually), an owner-occupant doesn’t place/win a bid, the property will be offered to everyone including investors.

You can also run a foreclosure search for the Greater Kansas City area on our website and click the ‘foreclosure’ box when you set up your search. Be warned, though, that limiting your search to just foreclosures will only send you foreclosure properties. There’s plenty of other deals to be had out in the marketplace, so I would suggest you only limit to price and weed out the properties you aren’t interested in.

That’s it, simple. No costly subscription needed to search foreclosures in our area!