Liberty arts squared crew

Patrick McDowell, Joanna Williams, Gina Galloway and her daughter
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You know me, when someone says they need volunteers, I’m one of the first to jump. Friday night, our office had the opportunity to volunteer with Historic Downtown Liberty, Inc.  for an evening of fun on the square—Liberty Arts Squared.

In it’s third year, this festival was hoping to attract more than 18,000 visitors. My job was to hang out (on the corner) and count fresh faces coming into the festival. This really gave me the best opportunity to interact with the crowd and friends as they walked in. Plus, I was on the corner with the band, The Crayons–BONUS!

liberty arts squared dancing

The Crayons

I also had the opportunity to walk through approximately 50 vendor booths and interact with the artists. There was so much talent on the square this weekend! Vendor booths included paintings, drawings, jewelry, pottery, glass work and so much more. Shhh…I also enjoyed a cool glass of wine from Cork & Brew, a restaurant on the square, while I was taking in the sights.  As of today, I’m not sure what the final count was for the weekend, but I was really pleased with the crowd since this festival is still in it’s infancy. I’m hoping our consumer survey during the event will enhance their targeted marketing efforts next year and this festival will continue to grow!

Liberty Arts Sqared crowd

Dusk falling on the crowd enjoying the band