Is it?

Rejection sucks.

Really, is there anything worse than realizing you’re not good enough?

Yes. Letting it go to waste.

In any industry, rejection can occur on a regular basis. If you’re of the mindset to let rejection happen and just move on to the next—are you really any different than a telemarketer? If your income is dependent on people accepting you (your service), you could be doing yourself more harm than good by just moving onto the next customer.

Rejection can be devastating. Sometimes it’s the size of the sale. Other times, it’s about the PEOPLE who rejected YOU. Let it be devastating. Let the full effect of what happened wash over you. Be mad. Hit a pillow. Embrace it for a bit before you let it go. There’s two reasons you need to feel this pain. The first is that you need to feel the pain in order to give it importance in your life.  The other reason is that you need to feel it before you can move beyond it.

If you brush rejection aside without any thought, you’re missing a very important learning opportunity. Let’s examine that call/conversation/proposal. What can be done to improve the flow? When did the customer shut down? Is there something I can change in my approach to change the outcome? Successful people embrace their faults and turn them around. They strive to do better at each and every turn—which is why they’re ultimately successful. Show me someone that’s had great success without any rejection in their life….I’ll wait.

……still waiting……

Climbing the ladder of success will be tough and you will be rejected. Decide now how you’re going to react to each type of rejection. Establish an amount of time you’ll allow yourself to feel the pain of rejection; is it an hour, a day? Take this plan and get going! Go get rejected—it’s good for the soul.

Feel. Examine. Learn. Change. GROW.