In my position, it’s a common occurrence to guide an agent through working a transaction with a difficult agent, client or lender. Many times, the difficulties occur because someone wants to work in what we like to call ‘the gray area’ and our agents refuse to go there because of their reputation and ethics. But, when faced with a win or lose scenario for your client, do you stick to your morals it give in to that gray area?

Of course, only the agents and brokers involved can answer this, but here’s a few tips I regularly dispense.

Why did you choose this company? You are here because of our professional reputation in the industry. If you give in to being unprofessional for the sake of money, will our reputation hold strong? Will this still be the type of company with which YOU would associate?

Talk with whoever you need to. .. try and find a solution that doesn’t visit the gray area. If it’s your client, talk to them about your reputation and legal concerns. Chances are, they are acting on emotion and haven’t thought of long term effects. They chose to work with you because of your reputation—does it make sense to destroy it for one client? I promise you, it will be more work, but it will be worth it.

Another option to consider is simply removing yourself from the transaction. Trust me, there’s a lot of power in speaking with the parties involved and letting them know your discomfort with the situation. Many times, when they see you’re ready to remove yourself they begin to understand the full gravity of the situation.

And always, always, bring in your broker or trusted adviser.

Agents are the sum of their transactions. Real estate is a very small world and your reputation with other agents, and within the industry, is just as important as your reputation with clients. It can affect your sales numbers just the same.

In the words of  Gina Piper, from the Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate conference this year, “Be Legendary In Your Work”.

Today I challenge you to think outside the gray area and protect your reputation, as well as your company’s.

It Matters.