Last night, a new friend wanted me to go with her to the movie God’s Not Dead. Her husband, who I’ve known longer was concerned that I wouldn’t enjoy the movie because I’m not religious.

I’m not religious. This is how my friends see me.

It almost hurts. Almost.

As the daughter of a Baptist minister, I see myself as such a square. You see, in my mind, there are a lot of things I consider immoral, sinful, greedy, etc. I’d like to say these behaviors simply don’t exist with me, but I’ve never been perfect.

However, I was raised in the church and will forever believe in God. There hasn’t been a second that I’ve wanted to deny that, but I’m obviously not shouting it from the rooftops.

My father, and God, and my family have all been instrumental into making me a person that would rather counsel than punish. I’d rather lift up than tear down. I’m blessed with incredible discernment, like my dad. And I have a conscience that keeps me in mental check, ALL DAY LONG.

I have to say, I don’t normally go to church. I feel like my relationship with God is personal and sometimes churches can be fake and judgemental (yep).  However, I do need to be ‘reached’ every now and then with a message.

Yesterday, the message came in the form of a movie with a friend.  The reminder had perfect timing. God’s Not Dead. Evil is all around us in many forms. And I really enjoyed the message ‘sometimes sin/evil makes the sinners life very comfortable so they are tempted to stay on the dark side’. This is why you see successful aka: wealthy, people living these totally immoral, sinful lives. That one hit home.

So, here’s where we end the day. I don’t consider myself religious, though I can argue the topic for hours. But, I am a believer. I’ll continue to live my life the way I think is right, and you can go on living yours with no judgment from me. Vengeance is NOT mine.