I’m sitting here tonight while guitars are being played in my basement. I love music. I love creativity. And, I think, I should write something. My business world is more than crazy right now, my personal life borders on insanity. The two mix more often than you can even imagine. Don’t get me wrong. I totally thrive this time of year. I add so many things into my day I can’t keep them straight. But, my writing in the spring will be sporadic. If you’re counting on a weekly posting, you’ll be  disappointed. You can, however, count on me to be here. Ask questions, respond, make fun of me….I’m here. I’m everywhere. It’s spring. I’m omnipresent. Yeah, look that one up. 🙂

Alright, so I’ve said the subject line several times in the past few weeks. Why? Well, honestly, properties are selling faster than we can warn the sellers about. We always want to err on the side of caution and state that we think we’ve priced the property we’re selling reasonably within the market. Two days later, we’re changing the status in the MLS to ‘pending’. Sellers are looking at us with these huge, scared eyes saying, “where am I going to live?”. Really, I don’t know, you asked me to sell your house. I’ve done it. Now what?

It used to be we could casually ask the question about where the sellers wanted to live next over the course of a few conversations. Lately, however, we have to ask it in the beginning of our conversations. Is it a scary topic? Sure. But it’s honest. One thing the agents in my office, the company, pride themselves on is being honest. And honestly, seller, I’m concerned about your relocation strategy. What? You haven’t thought about it? Most people will laugh and think it’s funny that we have to talk about a ‘relocation strategy’ during our first discussion about listing a home for sale. Do you know WHY we need to know that? Some buyers out there have been looking forever and they’ve run out of time to find that perfect property. Those buyers need to move in within 22 days. They’re ready, are you? You see, I’m not going to judge you by your answer, but it will help set the stage for how your property can be sold. Do I need to tell that co-op agent you need 45 days to move? Or can we go ahead and negotiate the sale of your home tonight?

The question really is: Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable with your living situation for a few weeks in order camping with bearto sell your home for the best price? or….  Are you more comfortable being comfortable with your living situation and waiting for that other buyer that doesn’t need to move quite so quickly?

No matter what. It’s up to you. YOU are the client and you’re in charge. Sell or wait? You tell me and we’ll work towards your goal. All I need to know is what your relocation strategy is and how we’re going to work around/with it.