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Not long ago, I was accused of lacking ‘passion’ when it comes to my work, my everyday job in real estate.

For a second, let’s remember Maya Angelou and her beautiful words:

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Me, lack passion? Every single second of my day is filled with a passion for the real estate industry, my company and the people I have the pleasure of working with all day. Real estate isn’t easy and there’s days it takes passion just to get out of bed in the morning. Often, we find ourselves in the middle of difficult situations and we have to be strong and calm in the face of the storm…..PASSION is what moves us through it.

Fast forward to this past weekend when I was out with the hubby and some friends. We had the opportunity to see one of my favorites The Bob Harvey Band which included Bob’s son Quinn Harvey. I’ve enjoyed Bob Harvey’s music for years and it’s been awesome to watch his son, Quinn, really grow as a musician. From his early days when he seemed almost timid on stage, to the bold and confident musician he is now…. (forgive the raw video)

So, as I was sitting and watching Quinn play with such passion, I said something about it to my friends. Of course, this made the word for the night ‘passion’. Well, Jo, was that enough passion for you? (I love my friends) All this brought me back to the idea that anyone can accuse someone of lacking passion. But maybe, it’s not the fact that the passion is lacking, it’s that the person just doesn’t want to (or doesn’t see the need to) share their passion with you.

Are you worthy enough for your friends to share their passion with you?

Real estate is a relationship business and everyone that has any sort of relationship with me, knows that I’m in real estate. Not part of the time, not dipping my toes in the water, not as a hobby—-real estate is a career I’ve been passionate about since October 2000.

It’s awesome to see someone’s passion come alive in a career and I’m super happy to have this avenue to share my passion about real estate with the world. If your passion for your hobby or your career is strong, you commonly feel like you can take on the world and forget the naysayers.

Whatever it is and whoever you choose to share it with, I say, GO and live your passion.

Nobody can take it away from you with their words or their actions. It will always be inside you ready to bubble out when you let it. Protect it as you see fit.